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Application type check one box Apply for a new ITIN Renew an existing ITIN Reason you re submitting Form W-7. Sign Here Length of stay Phone number Parent Court-appointed guardian Power of attorney Phone Fax EIN Office code Cat. No. 10229L PTIN Form W-7 Rev. 8-2019. I authorize the IRS to share information with my acceptance agent in order to perfect this Form W-7 Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number. Read the instructions for the box you check. Caution If you check...
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Who Needs Form W-7?

Form W-7 or Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number is the document for everyone who needs a taxpayer identification number. These may be people who don't reside in U.S. or are permanent U.S. residents and thus have no Social Security Number but have to pay taxes on the income they get from U.S. sources.  

What is Form W-7 for?

Form W-7 is the application that serves to get an individual taxpayer identification number. This number is needed to identify a person who is eligible to file individual tax returns with the IRS.

Is Form W-7 Accompanied by other Forms?

To apply for an ITIN the applicant should provide documents that prove their identity. These can be a civil birth certificate, passport, medical records, school records.

When is Form W-7 Due?

If the person is applying for ITIN for the first time, he or she must attach the application to the tax return and send it by the date when tax return is due.  

How do I Fill out Form W-7?

Before filling out Form W-7 make sure you don't have a Social Security Number or aren't eligible to get one. Then complete the fields with the following information:

  • The reason for obtaining an ITIN
  • The applicant's identification information such as name, address, etc.
  • The applicant’s date and place of birth
  • The country where the applicant resides
  • Foreign tax ID number, if any
  • U.S. visa number is any
  • Documents attached to identify applicant’s identity

Where do I send Form W-7?

Once completed, Form W-7 is sent to the IRS together with an individual tax return.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing w7 form
Instructions and Help about form w7
hello everybody hopes you're all doing great this your tax consultant ÑuñoKumaraKVkv AO tax calm today we are going to learn all about it and the form w7 foremost let's understand who needs an ITIN we all know that ITIN stands for individual taxpayer identification number it has issued by the IRS it's a nine-digit number starting with nine and the fourth digits are seven eight or nine and the way an ITIN number looks there's something like this nine eight seven eight one two three four, and it is assured to those individuals who do not qualify for an SSN but have a requirement to file US tax return or claim any US tax benefit it is usually applied for the non-working spouse or kids or parents or in-laws or other relatives because we serve most of the Indian community in the US we see that people who come on h1 or l1 or EAD and will whose dependents say in the non-working spouse or kids or parents or in-laws or other relatives who do not qualify for SSN they are on it for l2 visa and those people need an ITIN in case the taxpayer chooses to file a joint tax return with such non-resident spouse our claim kids or parents or other relatives honest accident as dependents meaning qualifying child or qualifying relative now when we look at the ITIN application process we need to divide the ITN application process into two categories one we need to check if the ITN applicant is in the United States two is the ITN applicant outside the United States now case one let's understand what if the ITN applicant let's say the kids or parents or spouse are in the United States how do we apply for an idea in such case this is how option1 go in person with the documents to the IRS taxpayer Assistance Center DAC stands for taxpayer Assistance Center so what it says is fill the form w7 step 1 fill the form w7 for each applicant attach the federal tax return form 1040 or 1040a now if you are a US citizen or resident you will be filing form 1040 if you are a non-resident you will be filing form 1040 and up, and you got to attach your base statement that is form w2 and carry original passports of each ITIN applicant to the IRS taxpayer Assistance Center and this is usually returned post the ITIN evaluation process so once you submit your w7 your federal tax return your weight statement and original passports of the ITN applicant the taxpayer Assistance Center will evaluate them review them, and they will return to you immediately this is option one, and you will receive your ITIN in six to eight weeks from the date of your application option two what if you do not wish to go in person are you choose to mail the documents to the IRS what happens simple fill the form w7 for each applicant so if you're filling for three people I mean if you are applying for your spouse and for your two kids you need to fill three ITN application forms then attach federal tax certain that is form 1040 or 1040a attach the wage statement and attach original passports of each ITIN applicant...
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